mefloquine awareness

An AWARENESS campaign to educate Canadians and all world travelers about mefloquine neurotoxicty, and ADVOCATE for measureable ACTIONS.

Our mission

Our Primary purpose:
is to establish basic health care provisions for those people injured by mefloquine.

These provisions include:

1.  Defining clinical guidelines for accurate diagnosis of mefloquine neurotoxic injury,
2.  Placement and access to knowledgable health care supports,
3.  Development of effective rehabilitation programs.

Our Secondary purpose:
is to tell the story of mefloquine as used by military organizations internationally, but with particular emphasis on the haunting details of what happened when mefloquine was introduced to the CAF in Somalia.



Drug safety activists are working in Australia, Canada, Ireland, UK and USA to see their respective federal governments OFFICIALLY recongnize the acute and long-term side effects of mefloquine neurotoxicity. There is an accumulation of research over the last two decades that dispute the long held belief that meflouqine is a safe and effective FIRST LINE drug for anti-malarial prophylaxis.

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Controversial Drug Against Malaria a ‘Serious Failure’ by Canadian Authorities

Article by PHILIPPE MERCURE for LA PRESSE Health Canada and the Canadian military have put the health of Canadians at risk by not reacting quickly enough to new knowledge on mefloquine denounce scientists.One of them will even accuse the Canadian military to use "the...
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A woman wants to sue the Canadian Armed Forces

A woman wants a lawsuit against the Canadian Armed Forces after her ex-husband was forced to take medication against malaria, mefloquine, which cause serious side effects. The former spouse Sonia Scalzo returned from a mission in Afghanistan anxious, confused and...
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Defence minister promises action as report shows 18 military suicides in 2015

The federal government will spare no expense in caring for Canada’s military personnel, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan said Wednesday after a new report revealed 18 service members took their own lives in 2015. The report, compiled and published by the top medical...
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Canadian military pledges to take action on soldier suicides

This article is part of The Unremembered, a Globe and Mail investigation into soldiers and veterans who died by suicide after deployment during the Afghanistan mission.   In a speech before military brass, mental-health specialists and veterans’ advocates, one of...
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Call for ‘immediate action’ to study effects of anti-malarial drug

Conservative MPs are calling upon the Liberal government to conduct a scientific study into the effects of an anti-malarial drug that some veterans say has left them with psychiatric problems and that they blame for the violence that erupted on the Somalia mission in...
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Radio Interview with Sheila Pratt

An interview with Sheila Pratt formerly a feature writer for the Edmonton Journal.  The interview begins at 6:45 into the audio.
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John Dowe Interviewed on Newstalk 1010 Toronto

Listen the full interview from November...
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Feds Still Fighting Canadian Veterans in Court

Canadian Military Veteran Aaron Bedard served as a sapper in Afghanistan. He's now part of a class action lawsuit with the Equitas Society against the Federal Government. The action, in part, asks for the Federal government to fulfill a sacred obligation to care for...
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Canadian military to reassess controversial anti-malaria drug

The head of the Canadian Armed Forces says the military is reassessing the use of an anti-malarial drug that can cause serious psychiatric side-effects now that Health Canada agrees the brain damage associated with mefloquine can be permanent. Whether to continue...
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Veterans urge another look at Clayton Matchee case

Former Canadian Airborne soldier Clayton Matchee lives in a North Battleford home afflicted with brain damage from a suicide attempt — a desperate act after he was charged in the murder of a Somali teenager. That was more than 20 years ago, during Canada’s ill-fated...
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Dr. Remington Nevin

Dr. Remington Nevin

Dr. Remington Lee Nevin is a consulting physician epidemiologist board certified in Public Health and General Preventive Medicine by the American Board of Preventive Medicine and Certified in Public Health by the National Board of Public Health Examiners. 

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