I know that this is pass due but I have not been feeling well with what has been going on in my COUNTRY. Remembrance Day, I was crushed at how DnD and Health answered. I just received letters from both department and it has crushed me during the Xmas holidays. We had another incident in the Veteran’s community, MURDER SUICIDE. I am not sure if the young man took Mefloquine but it shows how veterans are treated. This has been crushing me but I must continue the fight. I wish I could heal from this but I can’t and will not stop till I can.

Ok, lets start from day one. I don’t know the date exact that I took this pill but I know it was given to us before deploying on the 26th of December, 1992. We had already done the medical round robin where they would give us a ridiculous amounts of Vaccines and pills. I was not screened but they dished out those MEDs to prevent diseases while overseas.