mefloquine awareness

A campaign to educate all world travelers about Mefloquine neurotoxicity.

Canada’s experience with the antimalarial drug, Mefloquine, also known by the brand name Lariam, dates back to the Canadian Armed Forces 1992 peacekeeping mission in Somalia. Since that time, Canadian soldiers, their families, and scientific researchers have claimed that Mefloquine causes adverse effects which lead to anxiety, paranoia, depression, dizziness and more serious and sometimes permanent psychiatric and physiological symptoms for some individuals.

Thousands of Canadian veterans and civilian travelers have been prescribed mefloquine since the early 1990’s and may unwittingly be suffering with long-lasting side effects due to even short term use of this once weekly dosing of mefloquine. Alternative anti-malarial options that are both safer and as effective as mefloquine are available despite the fact that mefloquine continues to be offered as one of three first-line recommendations for malaria chemoprophylaxis.

mefloquine Awareness Canada’s MISSION is to encourage the formal establishment of basic health care provisions for individuals injured by mefloquine


We believe in the absolute necessity of:

  • Creating clinical guidelines that accurately diagnose mefloquine neurotoxic injuries
  • The placement and access to knowledgable health care supports
  • Developing effective rehabilitation programs to support those suffering from the detrimental effects of mefloquine
  • The urgent outreach of Canadian Veterans who have been previously issued mefloquine

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