Bev Skwernuiik

Bev Skwernuiik

July 26, 1970 - January 02, 2018

Beverly Skwernuiik, beloved wife of Alex Kennedy, and Mother of Jilian and Rachel passed away suddenly on January 2, 2018 while visiting family in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. She was 47 years of age.

Bev was a Mefloquine Warrior, championing the need for more awareness around the role the anti-malaria drug has played in the lives of Canadians.

She was also an avid cyclist, participating in the Boomer’s Legacy Bicycle Ride, and recently travelling to France for the Wounded Warriors Canada Vimy 100: Birth of a Nation Bike Ride.

This is important stuff. People have to know about the dangers these kinds of drugs present. And more than that, I am interested in educating the first line of defense, those prescribing these drugs.

Bev Skernuiik, 2017