Mefloquine Awareness Canada (MAC) is a group comprised of Canadian Forces veterans, family members, civilians, and scientific and medical experts. We aim to raise awareness of the harms caused by the use of the anti-malarial drug mefloquine (also known as Lariam).

Specifically, our group aims to draw attention to the questionable and possibly illegal use of this drug by the Canadian Forces during the 1992 deployment to Somalia, prior to the drug’s licensing by Health Canada. Our group alleges, and will present evidence, that use of this drug drove many soldiers to madness, resulting in the torture and murder of Shidane Arone, ultimately culminating in the disbandment of the entire Canadian Airborne Regiment.

We plan to speak out against the use of this drug by Canadian Forces, and provide accurate information to the public on the harms that this use has caused. Our hope is to gain media coverage that can raise awareness among veterans who may be suffering from the effects of the drug, and encourage the government to action in support of our group’s goals.

Our goals for the rally,

Plead for:

  • re-open the Somalia Commission of Inquiry, review and investigate the role of the drug in the Somalia Affair;
  • acknowledgment of the drug’s chronic effects, which may mimic symptoms of PTSD;
  • a government program of outreach, to help identify and assist those who may have been exposed to mefloquine;
  • government funding to continue research to improve diagnosing, management of, and curing, the chronic effects of mefloquine.