Military personnel concerned about the side-effects of taking the anti-malarial drug Lariam are being urged to contact the MoD.
It follows recommendations made by a recent Defence Committee report into the controversial drug, also known as Mefloquine.
Now a dedicated phone line and email address have been launched to all serving personnel and veterans.
The Ministry of Defence has not yet published its response to the Commons Defence Committee’s report into the use of anti-malarial drug Lariam by the military.
But in a move towards following the report’s recommendations, it’s launched a new dedicated single point of contact for anyone wishing to report concerns following use of the drug, also known as Mefloquine.
There’s a confidential telephone number and an email address open 9-to-5, Monday to Friday. Both are available to serving personnel, and to veterans, with a link on the mod website.
Along with the hotline, the MoD has also issued advice to NHS GPS who need to access veterans military medical records to find out whether they were ever given the drug.
Members of the Defence Committee would now like to see more of its recommendations put into practice.
The hope is that GPs can now work with the MoD to make sure both serving personnel and veterans receive the best possible care.
Charlotte Banks

Forces Network